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Neon does not yet provide support for configuring automated backups in the Neon Console or API. This feature is on our roadmap. You can expect it to be introduced in the coming months. In the meantime, we support the following backup options:

Built-in backups with Neon's point-in-time restore feature

By default, Neon retains a 7-day history of changes for all branches, allowing you to restore your data to a particular date and time or Log Sequence Number (LSN). The history retention period is configurable. The supported range is 0 to 7 days for Free Tier users, and 0 to 30 days for Pro plan users. With this backup option, no action or automation is required. You can quickly restore your data to a past state by creating a database branch. This feature is referred to Point-in-time restore.

For information about creating a point-in-time restore branch, see Branching — Point-in-time restore.


You can backup a database using pg_dump, in the same way backups are created for a standalone Postgres instance.

This method dumps a single database in a single branch of your Neon project. If you need to create backups for multiple databases in multiple branches, you must perform a dump operation for each database in each branch separately.

To dump a database from your Neon project, please refer to the pg_dump instructions in our Import from Postgres guide.

Please be aware that dumping data from Neon is considered "data transfer". For data transfer costs, please refer to our Billing documentation.

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