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Bring a familiar, reliable, and scalable Postgres experience to your customers.

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Why become a partner?

At Neon, we deeply value our partners and believe they are vital to our mission of making Serverless Postgres the go-to choice for developers everywhere.

  • Boost your revenue

    Offer Serverless Postgres to your customers by reselling Neon. We offer volume discounts.

  • Reduce costs

    Neon scales to zero when not in use and never overprovisions, making it cost-effective.

  • Meet customer demand

    Providing your customers with a fully-managed Postgres solution has never been easier.

  • Scale effortlessly

    Host fleets of databases that scale automatically to handle demanding workloads.

By partnering with Neon, Vercel’s frontend platform is now the end‑to‑end serverless solution for building on the Web, from Next.js all the way to SQL.

Guillermo Rauch CEO of Vercel

Choose the integration that fits your requirements

Neon provides two methods for seamless integration with your product.


The Neon API allows you to manage Neon programmatically. With the Neon API, you can create and manage all objects in your Neon account.

Authorize Hasura Cloud


Manage Projects, branches, databases, and more. Easily integrate Neon in your Product and offer it to your users.

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The combination of flexible resource limits and nearly instant database provisioning made Neon a no-brainer.

Lincoln Bergeson – Infrastructure Engineer at Replit
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