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An operation is an action performed by the Neon Control Plane on a Neon object or resource. Operations are typically initiated by user actions, such as creating a branch or deleting a database. Other operations may be initiated by the Neon Control Plane, such as suspending an endpoint compute instance after a period of inactivity or checking its availability. You can monitor operations to keep an eye on the overall health of your Neon project or to check the status of specific operations.

Operations include:

  • apply_config: Applies a new configuration to a Neon object or resource. For example, creating, deleting, or updating PostgreSQL users and databases initiates this operation.
  • check_availability: Checks the availability of an endpoint compute instance. This operation, performed by the availability checker, is a periodic load generated by the Control Plane that makes sure an endpoint compute instance is able to start and read and write data.
  • create_compute: Creates an endpoint, which is a Neon compute instance. Creating an endpoint, a branch with an endpoint, or a Neon project initiates this operation. A Neon project is created with a read-write endpoint by default. For related information, see Manage endpoints.
  • create_timeline: Creates a branch. This operation occurs when creating a child branch or when creating a new project, which includes a main branch. For related information, see [Manage branches]/docs/manage/branches).
  • delete_tenant: Deletes the stored data when a Neon project is deleted.
  • delete_timeline: Deletes a branch. The terms timeline and branch are synonymous. The term timeline is used internally in Neon.
  • start_compute: Starts an endpoint compute instance when there is an event or action that requires compute resources. For example, connecting to a suspended endpoint initiates this operation.
  • suspend_compute: Suspends an endpoint compute instance after a period of inactivity. For information about how Neon manages compute resources, see Compute lifecycle.

View operations

The Operations widget on the Neon Dashboard displays operations. You can also view operations in Settings > Operations.

Operation details include:

  • Action/ID: The action performed by the operation.
  • Branch: The branch on which the operation was performed.
  • Status: The status of the operation.
  • Duration: The duration of the operation.
  • Date: The date and time the operation occurred.

View operations with the Neon API

You can also view operations using the Neon API, which provides operations data in an unmodified format. For example:

  "operation": {
    "id": "97c7a650-e4ff-43d7-8c58-4c67f5050167",
    "project_id": "autumn-disk-484331",
    "branch_id": "br-wispy-dew-591433",
    "endpoint_id": "ep-orange-art-714542",
    "action": "check_availability",
    "status": "finished",
    "failures_count": 0,
    "created_at": "2022-12-09T08:47:52Z",
    "updated_at": "2022-12-09T08:47:56Z"

For information about using the Neon API, see Neon API.

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