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Neon community

Learn how to get involved in the Neon community

Neon has an enthusiastic and dynamic user community worldwide. Here's how you can get involved:


There are a few ways you can contribute to the Neon community:

  • Documentation: Offer suggestions, or even write new guides, to assist users working with and integrating Neon. See our Documentation Contribution Guide to get started.
  • Examples and applications: Support fellow developers by sharing new examples and applications that show how to integrate Neon with different tools and platforms. Share your examples by posting a link to our Discord Server.
  • Code contributions: Learn about Neon's architecture by assisting with bug fixes, contributing code, or proposing new features in Neon's GitHub repositories.

Join the discussion

Join the discussion and share your knowledge on our Discord Server and on X (Twitter). Additionally, subscribe to the Neon YouTube channel for Neon videos and presentations.

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