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How to change to an email-based account, or simply change your email

As you get more familiar with Neon, you may decide to bring Neon into your organization, or change the type of account you want to associate with Neon. This page covers the kinds of email-related changes that you might encounter as you mature your usage with Neon.

Signing in to a social account with your email

If you already have a Neon account using one of our social or partner login options but you now want to sign in with your email account, all you have to do is add a password to your profile.

Go to Profile and click Update Password.


If you don't see an Update Password button, please sign out and sign back in. You should then see the option. This is a legacy issue; it will be resolved soon.

You will be guided through a few steps, asking you to reauthenticate using your original social account, and then create your new password. After that, you are free to sign into your Neon account using either your social account or the email option.

Changing your email

If you've signed up with a social or partner login and now want to change your email — for example, you previously signed up using a GitHub, Google, or Hasura account and now want to use your personal email — you can make this change under Profile → Account Settings → Personal Information.

Or follow this direct link:

change email

After you make the change, you'll receive a notification at this new email address asking you to confirm. Once confirmed, you'll be logged out of Neon. Log back in with your new email, and use this email going forward.

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