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Reference/Neon CLI

Neon CLI commands — operations

Use the Neon CLI to manage Neon directly from the terminal

Before you begin

  • Before running the operations command, ensure that you have installed the Neon CLI.
  • If you have not authenticated with the neonctl auth command, running a Neon CLI command automatically launches the Neon CLI browser authentication process. Alternatively, you can specify a Neon API key using the --api-key option when running a command. See Connect.

For information about operations in Neon, see Operations.

The operations command

The operations command allows you to list operations for a Neon project.


neonctl operations <subcommand> [options]
listList operations


This subcommand allows you to list operations.


neonctl operations list [options]


In addition to the Neon CLI global options, the list subcommand supports this option:

--context-fileContext file path and file namestring
--project-idProject IDstringOnly if your Neon account has more than one project


neonctl operations list 
 Id                                   │ Action             │ Status   │ Created At           │
 fce8642e-259e-4662-bdce-518880aee723 │ apply_config       │ finished │ 2023-06-20T00:45:19Z │
 dc1dfb0c-b854-474b-be20-2ea1d2172563 │ apply_config       │ finished │ 2023-06-20T00:43:17Z │
 7a83e300-cf5f-4c1a-b9b5-569b6d6feab9 │ suspend_compute    │ finished │ 2023-06-19T23:50:56Z │

Need help?

Join our Discord Server to ask questions or see what others are doing with Neon. Users on paid plans can open a support ticket from the console. For more detail, see Getting Support.

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