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Reference/Neon CLI

Neon CLI commands — completion

Use the Neon CLI to manage Neon directly from the terminal

Before you begin

Before running the completion command, ensure that you have installed the Neon CLI.

The completion command

This command generates a completion script for the neonctl command-line interface (CLI). The completion script, when installed, helps you type neonctl commands faster and more accurately. It does this by presenting the possible commands and options when you press the tab key after typing or partially typing a command or option.


The command outputs the following completion script with installation instructions:

Install this script as instructed in the script header by running:

or on OSX:

Remember, changes made to ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile won't affect existing shell sessions — only new ones. You need to either source the file in the existing session or start a new shell session after adding the script to ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile. To source the file, run:

or on OSX:

Need help?

Send a request to support@neon.tech, or join the Neon community forum.

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