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Platform management/Plans and billing

Pricing estimation guide

Estimate your monthly bill with Neon

You can use this guide to estimate your monthly bill with Neon based on your selected plan and estimated usage.

  1. Select your plan and note the monthly fee
  2. Estimate your usage
  3. Calculate extra usage fees (if applicable)
  4. Total monthly estimate

Step 1: Select a plan and note the monthly fee

First, select a plan that best fits your requirements. Look closely at monthly fees, plan allowances, and the features that come with each plan. You can refer to our Plans page or the Neon Pricing page, which provides fees and a detailed plan comparison.

This table provides an overview of plan fees with allowances for storage, compute, and projects:

PlanMonthly FeeStorage AllowanceCompute AllowanceProject Allowance
Free Tier$00.5 GiBAlways-available primary branch compute, 5 compute hours for branch computes1 project
Launch$1910 GiB300 compute hours10 projects
Scale$6950 GiB750 compute hours50 projects


For the Enterprise plan, please contact our Sales team for an estimate based on your custom needs.

Step 2: Estimate your usage

Estimate your monthly usage to see if any "extra usage" is required beyond the storage, compute, or project allowances included in your plan.

  • Storage (GiB): How much storage do you expect to use? Storage includes the size of your data and change history. For more information, see Storage.
  • Compute (Hours): How many compute hours will you require? A compute hour is 1 active hour on a compute with 1 vCPU. Neon supports compute sizes ranging from .25 vCPU to 8 vCPU. See Compute for a compute hour formula you can use to estimate your compute usage.
  • Projects: How many projects do you need? Neon recommends a project per application.

Step 3: Calculate extra usage fees

Based on your usage estimates, calculate the fees for extra storage units, compute hours, and project units.


On paid plans, extra usage is allocated and billed automatically when you exceed plan allowances

  • However, extra usage fees for storage and projects are prorated for the month from the date of purchase, meaning that you are not billed the full amount if extra units of storage or projects are allocated partway through the month.
  • Once an extra unit of storage or projects is allocated, you are billed for that extra unit for the remainder of the month. If you reduce your usage during that month and no longer require extra units of storage or projects, the extra usage charge is dropped at the beginning of the next month when your bill resets based on current usage. For more, see Extra usage.

For the Launch plan:

The Launch plan supports extra Storage and Compute. If you need extra projects, you'll need to move up to the Scale plan.

  • Extra Storage: If you exceed 10 GiB, extra storage is allocated in units of 2 GiB at $3.50 per unit.
  • Extra Compute: If you exceed 300 compute hours, extra compute is billed at $0.16/hour.
Extra Storage2 GiB$3.50
Extra ComputeCompute hour$0.16

For the Scale plan:

The Scale plan supports extra Storage, Compute, and Projects.

  • Extra Storage: If you exceed 50 GiB, extra storage is allocated in increments of 10 GiB at $15 per increment.
  • Extra Compute: If you exceed 750 compute hours, extra compute is billed at $0.16/hour.
  • Extra Projects: If you exceed 50 projects, extra projects are allocated in units of 10 projects at $50 per unit.
Extra Storage10 GiB$15.00
Extra ComputeCompute hour$0.16
Extra Projects10$50.00

Step 4: Total monthly estimate

Add up your plan's monthly fee and extra usage fees to estimate your total monthly bill.

Total Estimate = Plan Fee + Extra Storage Fee + Extra Compute Fee + Extra Project Fee

Launch plan example

Plan Fee$19
Storage Usage14 GiB (4 GiB over, $7 extra)
Compute Usage350 hours (50 hours over, $8 extra)
Total Estimate$34 per month

Scale plan example

Plan Fee$69
Storage Usage60 GiB (10 GiB over, $15 extra)
Compute Usage800 hours (50 hours over, $8 extra)
Project Usage55 projects (5 over, $50 extra)
Total Estimate$142 per month

For examples illustrating extra usage incurred mid-month, usage fluctuations during the billing period, and prorated charges, see Extra usage.

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