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Start Free. Only pay for what you use.

Neon brings serverless architecture to PostgreSQL, which allows us to offer you flexible usage and volume-based plans.

  • Free Tier


    Essential features to help you get started with Neon. Perfect for prototyping and personal projects.

    • 1 project
    • 10 branches
    • 3 GB of data per branch
    • 100 compute hours/month
    • Auto-suspend compute
    Get Started
  • ProStarting at


    A usage-based plan for small to medium teams. Unlimited resources with advanced configuration options. Share your projects with anyone. Only pay for what you use with no fixed contract.

    • Unlimited resources
    • Project sharing
    • Configurable compute size
    • Configurable auto-suspend compute  coming soon
    • Autoscaling  coming soon
  • Custom

    Contact us

    Custom volume-based plans for medium to large teams, database fleets, and resale. Contact our Sales team to learn more.

    • Custom contracts
    • Prepaid plans
    • Volume discounts
    Contact Sales

See pricing & plan details here.

Billing & usage estimates

Each user is unique. However, we can give you some estimates.

Contact sales if you require assistance forecasting billing and usage.

Billing metricAvg usageAvg price
Compute hours70 hrs /month281 hrs * 0.25 Compute Units$7.17
Project storage0.6 GiB /month$0.07
Written data0.2 GiB /month$0.02
Data transfer0.01 GiB /month$0.001
*Pricing is based on the US East (Ohio) region

Frequently Asked Questions

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