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Neon Pricing

Start free, launch with predictable costs, and scale efficiently.

Neon pricing plans

  • Free Tier

    $0 /month

    Start for free

    Generous always-available free tier, no credit card required.

    • 0.5 GiB storage
    • 24/7 for your main compute 
    • Community support
    • Fixed capacity at 0.25 vCPU
    • Instant Read Replicas
    • IP Allow Rules
  • Pay via marketplace


    From $19 /month

    Get started

    All the resources, features and support you need to launch.

    • 10 GiB storage included 
    • 300 compute hours included 
    • Standard support
    • Autoscaling up to 4 CU 
    • Instant Read Replicas
    • IP Allow Rules
  • Pay via marketplace


    From $69 /month

    Get started

    Full platform and support access, designed for scaling production workloads.

    • 50 GiB storage included 
    • 750 compute hours included 
    • Priority support
    • Autoscaling up to 8 CU 
    • Instant Read Replicas
    • IP Allow Rules
  • Enterprise


    Request trial

    Custom plans for large datasets and database fleets.

    • Storage discounts
    • Higher resource limits
    • Thousands of databases
    • Enterprise support w/SLAs
    • Audit logging
    • SOC 2 compliance

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Neon billing fundamentals

An architecture with branch-based storage and compute that autoscales


  • Branch-based Postgres

    Databases in Neon are brancheable (both schema and data). Think of code branches, but for your data.

  • Branches share storage

    When you branch a database, the new branch won't add to your storage bill. Branches are ready instantly, no matter how large the dataset.


  • Serverless compute

    Compute size is measured in CUs. Database branches autoscale from 0.25 to 8 CU based on load and down to zero when inactive.

  • Compute usage is measured in compute hours

    Example: a 4 CU compute running for 20 hours uses 80 compute hours. All monthly plans include generous usage, with extra compute hours billed separately.


Detailed plan comparison

Find the plan that fits your needs.

    • Included
    • Storage
    • Compute (monthly)Compute hrs = CPU size x active hrs
    • Projects
    • Branches
    • Databases
    • Compute Features
    • Compute size
  • Free Tier

    $0/monthStart for free
    • 0.5 GiB
    • 24/7 for main compute 
    • 1
    • 10
    • Unlimited
    • 0.25 vCPU, 1 GB RAM
  • Launch

    From $19/monthGet started
    • 10 GiB 
    • 300 compute hours 
    • 10
    • 500 per project
    • Unlimited
    • Up to 4 vCPU, 16 GB RAM
  • Enterprise

    Custom ratesRequest trial
    • Larger sizes
    • Custom
    • Unlimited
    • Custom
    • Unlimited
    • Larger sizes 
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