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IP Allow and protected branches

Limit database access to trusted IP addresses

Neon's IP Allow feature, available with the Neon Scale plan, ensures that only trusted IP addresses can connect to the project where your database resides, preventing unauthorized access and helping maintain overall data security. You can limit access to individual IP addresses, IP ranges, or IP addresses and ranges defined with CIDR notation.

You can configure IP Allow in your Neon project's settings. To get started, see Configure IP Allow.

IP Allow configuration

Protected branches

You can apply IP restrictions more precisely by designating specific branches in your Neon project as protected and enabling the Restrict IP access to protected branches only option. This will apply your IP allowlist to protected branches only with no IP restrictions on other branches in your project. Typically, branches that contain production or sensitive data are marked as protected. For step-by-step instructions, refer to our Protected branches guide.

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