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Schema diff tutorial

Step-by-step guide showing you how to compare two development branches using Schema Diff

In this guide we will create an initial schema on a new database called people on our main branch. We'll then create a development branch called dev/jordan, following our recommended convention for naming development branches. After making schema changes on dev/jordan, we'll use the Schema Diff tool on the Branches page to get a side-by-side, Github-style visual comparison between the dev/jordan development branch and main.

Before you start

To complete this tutorial, you'll need:

  • A Neon account. Sign up here.

  • To interact with your Neon database from the command line:

Step 1: Create the Initial Schema

First, create a new database called people on the main branch and add some sample data to it.

  1. Create the database.

    In the Neon Console, go to DatabasesNew Database. Make sure your main branch is selected, then create the new database called people.

  2. Add the schema.

    Go to the SQL Editor, enter the following SQL statement and click Run to apply.

    CREATE TABLE person (
        name TEXT NOT NULL,
        email TEXT UNIQUE NOT NULL

Step 2: Create a development branch

Create a new development branch off of main. This branch will be an exact, isolated copy of main.

For the purposes of this tutorial, name the branch dev/jordan, following our recommended convention of creating a long-lived development branch for each member of your team.

  1. Create the development branch

    On the Branches page, click Create Branch, making sure of the following:

    • Select main as the primary branch.
    • Name the branch dev/jordan.
  2. Verify the schema on your new branch

    From the SQL Editor, use the meta-command \d person to inspect the schema of the person table. Make sure that the people database on the branch dev/jordan is selected.

    use metacommand to inspect schema

Step 3: Update schema on a dev branch

Let's introduce some differences between the two branches. Add a new table to store addresses on the dev/jordan branch.

In the SQL Editor, make sure you select dev/jordan as the branch and people as the database.

Enter this SQL statemenet to create a new address table.

CREATE TABLE address (
    person_id INTEGER NOT NULL,
    street TEXT NOT NULL,
    city TEXT NOT NULL,
    state TEXT NOT NULL,
    zip_code TEXT NOT NULL,
    FOREIGN KEY (person_id) REFERENCES person(id)

Step 4: View the schema differences

Now that you have some differences between your branches, from the Neon Console go to the Branches page.

  1. Click on dev/jordan to open the detailed view, then under Compare to Parent click Open schema diff.

    select branches for schema diff

  2. Make sure you select people as the database and then click Compare.

    schema diff results

You will see the schema differences between dev/jordan and its parent main, including the new address table that we added to the dev/jordan branch.

You can also launch Schema Diff from the Restore page, usually as part of verifying schemas before you restore a branch to its own or another branch's history. See Branch restore for more info.

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