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Get started with logical replication

Learn how to stream data from Neon to external data platforms and services


Logical replication in Neon is currently in Beta. We welcome your feedback to help improve this feature. You can provide feedback via the Feedback link in the Neon Console or by reaching out to us on Discord.

Logical replication enables replicating data from your Neon database to external destinations, allowing for Change Data Capture (CDC) and real-time analytics. Stream your data to data warehouses, analytical database services, messaging platforms, event-streaming platforms, external Postgres databases, and more.

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Logical replication in Neon works like it does on any standard Postgres installation. It uses a publish and subscribe model to replicate data from the source database to the destination.

Replication starts by copying a snapshot of the data from the publisher to the subscriber. Once this is done, subsequent changes are sent to the subscriber as they occur in real-time.

To get started, jump into one of our step-by-step logical replication guides.

To learn more about Postgres logical replication, see Learn about logical replication.

Logical replication guides

Learn about logical replication

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