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The latest product updates from Neon

Custom extension support

Neon supports custom-built Postgres extensions for exclusive use with your Neon account. If you developed your own Postgres extension and want to use it with Neon, Scale and Enterprise plan users can open a support ticket. To learn more about how we support custom extensions, check out this blog post: Bring Your Own Extensions to Serverless PostgreSQL.

Neon API updates

Neon CLI updates

The Neon CLI now includes an ip-allow command, which supports list, add, remove, and reset actions on the IP allowlist for your Neon project. For details, see Neon CLI commands — ip-allow. To install the Neon CLI or update your installation to the latest version, see Neon CLI — Install and connect.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added several new integration cards to the Request section of the Integrations page in the Neon Console where you can express your interest and share your feedback about future integrations with Neon. Your input helps the Neon team design and prioritize integrations. To learn how to participate, see Express interest in upcoming integrations.
  • Added a dialog requiring user confirmation when removing all IP addresses from an IP Allow configuration.
  • The Community link in the Neon Console sidebar has been updated to direct users to the Neon Discord server, rather than the Neon Discourse forum.
  • To prevent connection errors at the subscriber and repeated compute restarts, Neon no longer autosuspends a compute instance with an active connection from a logical replication susbscriber.
  • To allow Postgres autovacuum operations to complete their work without interruption, Neon no longer suspends a compute due to inactivity while an autovacuum operation is in progress.
  • Fixed an issue in Neon Console confirmation dialogs that caused an "Unknown error".
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Connection Details widget from displaying code snippets when accessing the Neon Console from a mobile device.
  • Fixed a UI text consistency issue on the Role Created modal that is displayed after creating a new role in the Neon Console.

Neon application demos

Check out our new Demos page showcasing Neon Serverless Postgres application examples.

What's new in docs?

We have a couple of new guides for you to check out this week:

Customer case study

Read about how Branch chose Neon for its true Postgres and serverless nature.

From the Neon Blog

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