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Platform management/Access control

Manage project access

Learn about granting access to your Neon project

You to share a Neon project with other Neon users.

Users that you share a project with are able to perform any action you can perform in the project, with the exception of deleting the project. For example, users you share a project with are able to:

  • Create and delete branches
  • Create and delete databases
  • Create and delete roles
  • Create and delete computes
  • Modify project settings
  • View data
  • Run queries

You can think of sharing a Neon project as granting administrator access to your project.

How to share a project

Sharing a project is performed from the Project settings page in your Neon project.

For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the Project sharing guide.

To manage access to a database within a Neon project, refer to Manage database access.

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