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Set up a Project

To set up a Neon project:

  1. Navigate to the Neon Console.
  2. If you are creating your very first project, click Create the first project. Otherwise, click New Project.
  3. Specify a name, a PostgreSQL version, a region, and click Create Project. Upon creating a project, you are presented with a dialog that provides connection details for the project including your password.


After closing the dialog, your password is no longer accessible. If you forget or misplace your password, your only option is to reset it. For instructions, see Reset a password.

For information about managing your Neon project, refer to the Manage Neon overview section of the documentation, which includes an overview of the objects that comprise a Neon project.

You can query a Neon project database from the Neon SQL Editor or a client. For instructions, see:

For information about connecting to Neon from any application or client, see Connect from any application.

Most operations supported by the Neon Console can also be performed programmatically using the Neon API.

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