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The latest product updates from Neon

Neon CLI updates

We've added two new capabilities to our CLI:

  • You can now establish time travel connections to a particular point in a branch's history. When using the neonctl connnection-string {branch} command, simply append the timestamp or LSN to the specified branch and an ephmeral endpoint is created for that point-in-time connection.


    neonctl connection-string main@2024-01-01T00:00:00Z

    For more information, see How to use Time travel and Neon CLI commands — connection-string.

  • The Neon CLI now also includes shared projects when you request a list of all projects using the command neonctl projects list.


     Id Name Region Id Created At
     crimson-voice-99897020 frontend aws-us-east-2 2024-04-15T11:17:30Z
     calm-thunder-11283270 backend aws-us-east-2 2024-04-10T15:21:01Z
    Shared with me
     Id Name Region Id Created At
     noisy-fire-516816 API aws-eu-central-1 2023-04-22T18:41:13Z

    For more information, see Neon CLI commands — projects.

Improved Usage visualizations

  • Usage section in Billing

    For Launch and Scale plan users, we've added more detail and better visual cues to help you understand your current consumption against your plan's allowances. This includes displaying your peak usage to illustrate any extra charges that might be applied for the current billing period.

    billing storage details

  • Usage widget in the project dashboard

    We've also added some polish to the Usage widget on the project dashboard, with tooltips to explain key metrics.

    usage widget

For more information about reading these metrics, see:

Fixes & improvements

  • Starting May 1, 2024, we're defining 'reasonable usage' for egress on Neon's Free Tier plan as a 5 GB per month limit.
  • We're updating our status page to provide per-region metrics, letting you view events and history specific to the region where your databases are running. Coming soon!

What's new in docs?

  • Learn how to sync data from platforms like Stripe, Linear, and GitHub into your Neon database in real time with Sequin.
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