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The latest product updates from Neon

A reorganized Integrations page

As our list of integrations continues to grow, we've added categorized navigation, making it easier to explore what's offered. Click a category heading and then Add or Request the integrations you're interested in.

Extra storage option for the Launch plan

Based on the feedback we've received, Neon's Launch plan has been enhanced to offer an "extra storage" option. If you require more than the 10 GiB storage allowance included with the Launch plan but aren’t ready for the Scale plan, you can now purchase additional storage in 2 GiB increments. For a detailed comparison of Neon's pricing plans, please refer to our Pricing page.

Neon Vercel Integration enhancements

  • The Neon Vercel Integration now adds a /preview prefix to the names of preview branches. You can view preview branches on the Branches page in the Neon Console or on the Vercel integration drawer, which you can access on the Integrations page.
  • Improved the sort order of preview branches listed in the Vercel integration drawer. The most recently created branches are now listed first.
  • Fixed an issue that marked the Vercel deployment status as successful while the preview deployment was still in progress.

Fixes & improvements

  • To make it easier to share your project with other users, we've added a Sharing button to the project dashboard. The button is located at the top right corner of the console, next to your profile avatar.
  • The Consumption API endpoint is now fully available and no longer in Preview status. You can use this endpoint to get a full list of key consumption metrics for all the projects in your Neon account in a single API request. For more info:
  • We've added a new Get URI API endpoint, which you can use to retrieve a database connection string programmatically.
  • You are now able to downgrade directly from Scale to Launch when that fits your usage needs. Previously, you needed to downgrade to the Free Tier first before moving back up to Launch.
  • The Neon CLI now offers a Linux ARM64 binary, which you can find here. For Neon CLI installation instructions, see Neon CLI — Install and connect.
  • For the Neon serverless driver, a cancellation command is now triggered in Postgres for queries over HTTP that exceed the 15-second timeout for long-running queries. Additionally, user-facing error classification names were added to make it easier to identify error types for queries over HTTP.
  • Added a Suggest an integration button to the Integrations page in the Neon Console, where you can share your feedback about the integrations Neon should add next. The button replaces a suggestion card.
  • Fixed the Revoke access confirmation modal that is displayed when revoking access to a shared project. The modal appeared blank.
  • Improved the field validation on the registration form on the Neon Sign Up page.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented changing the email address of a Neon account.
  • Corrected an issue that occurred when accessing Neon as a new user via the Neon CLI. After registering for a Neon account, the registering user was not directed back to the correct page to complete the authentication process.
  • Changed the "Storage" label on the Branches widget and Branches page to "Data size" to avoid confusion with the Storage label on the Usage widget. "Data size" refers to your logical data size, while "Storage" is the data size and history for all branches in your project. For more information about Storage in Neon, see Usage metrics.
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