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The Neon Vercel Integration is now GA

After several improvements and enhancements, we're excited to announce that the Neon Vercel Integration is now officially out of beta and has entered General Availability (GA). Thank you to all our early adopters for your valuable feedback.

Using Neon with Vercel enables you to deploy a managed Postgres backend in seconds and automatically create a database branch for each preview deployment. To learn more, see Connect with the Neon Vercel Integration.

Fixes & improvements

  • The Neon Vercel Integration now supports immediate update of Postgres environment variables from the Vercel drawer on the Integrations page in the Neon Console. For instructions, see Manage Vercel integration settings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a Scale plan user from submitting a support ticket from the Create Support Ticket form in the Neon Console.
  • Added alert messages that appear in the Usage section on the Billing page when approaching or exceeding your plan allowances. For information about Neon plans and allowances, see Neon plans.
  • Added a confirmation dialog showing the selected plan and payment method when a user selects Upgrade to Launch plan or Upgrade to Scale plan on the Billing page in the Neon Console.
  • Updated PgBouncer to version 1.22.1. Neon uses PgBouncer to provide support for connection pooling.
  • Removed a redundant Close button from the Edit compute endpoint drawer on the Free Tier.
  • Fixed an issue that caused project creation limits to be ignored when creating a new project before the previous project creation operation was finished.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly permitted a Neon account to share a project with the owner of the project.

What's new in docs?

We have a few new guides for you to check out this week:

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