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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • The Neon Vercel Integration now displays a message on the Deployment Details page in Vercel under Running checks if you exceed the branch limit for your Neon project.
  • Added Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) to the Neon Proxy, enabling the serverless driver to prefer HTTP/2 connections.
  • The IP Allow feature now supports specifying IPv6 addresses.
  • Improved error messaging for connection failures when IP Allow is enabled and the IP address of the connecting client is not on the allowlist.
  • The neon_superuser role now has full privileges on tables and sequences created in the public schema and can grant those privileges to other roles. This change ensures that tables and sequences created under a Postgres superuser role during extension installation are fully accessible to a neon_superuser.
  • A connection dropped by the Neon SQL Editor while running a query now cancels the query process in Postgres. Previously, the query process was left running.
  • Adjusted the Usage section on the Billing page, including changing the way extra usage is displayed for Scale plan accounts. Instead of showing extra usage separately, the displayed limits are increased.
  • The Get projects and Get shared projects APIs now fetch all projects when using the search parameter. If a limit value is specified, it is applied after the fetch to limit displayed results.
  • Improved the error code and message displayed when a user reaches the compute-hour limit for non-primary branch computes.
  • Fixed issues with the Branch selector in the Connection Details widget that occurred when switching projects using the project breadcrumb selector.
  • Adjusted the behavior of the project breadcrumb selector in the Neon Console to accommodate slow network connections. A "loading" icon is now displayed while the project menu is loaded, and a link to the currently loaded project is displayed until the project menu is ready.
  • Improved the Django connection snippet and added a .env connection snippet to the Connection Details widget in the Neon Console.
  • The Feedback link found in the sidebar of the Neon Console can now be accessed via a direct link, which we've incorporated into the documentation and elsewhere.
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