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The neon extension

With each Neon project, Neon creates a "neon" extension, which includes functions and views designed to gather Neon-specific metrics. The metrics are intended for use by the Neon team for the purpose of enhancing our service. The views are owned by a Neon system role (cloud_admin), but you are able to view them by connecting to the postgres database using psql and executing the command \dv neon.*, as shown below. At present, the extension includes two views for local file cache metrics. We may incorporate additional views in future releases.

psql 'postgresql://alex:AbC123dEf@ep-cool-darkness-123456.us-east-2.aws.neon.tech/postgres?sslmode=require'

postgres=> \dv neon.*
            List of relations
Schema |      Name      | Type |    Owner    
neon   | local_cache    | view | cloud_admin
neon   | neon_lfc_stats | view | cloud_admin
(2 rows)

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