In Neon, you can provision Postgres databases in < 1s. Don't believe us? Check out this demo


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Create a Postgres database in seconds at

First, there was for instantly creating Google Docs. Then, made adding new GitHub repositories a breeze. Now, meet — your gateway to spinning up new Postgres databases in seconds. Simply visit and you'll be taken straight to the Create project page in the Neon Console, where you can set up your new Neon Postgres project. page

Fixes & improvements

  • Added your current timezone to the Restore branch confirmation page, to make it a little easier to understand the timestamp you are restoring to.
  • Scale plan users can now view database metrics for the past 14 days on the Monitoring page in the Neon Console. To try it out, go to the Monitoring page and select the Last 14 days item from the Other menu. Previously, metrics could only be viewed for the past 7 days.
  • The Database size chart on the Monitoring page in the Neon Console now displays size information for up to 10 databases.
  • Adjusted the functioning of the Create support ticket modal in the Neon Console to avoid automatically selecting Branch and Compute field values when opening the modal.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Autosuspend delay option from being displayed on the Edit compute endpoint drawer in shared projects.
  • After the next time you log in to Neon Console, navigating to will automatically route you to

What's new in docs?

We're excited to announce the addition of new Getting Started documentation. If you're new to Neon or want to explore its full range of features, start with these comprehensive guides:

In addition, we've released new Express and Reflex framework quickstarts:

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