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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Based on user feedback, we've changed the Storage metric on the Billing page in the Neon Console to display the current total storage size across all of your projects and branches. Previously, the Storage metric reported the peak storage size for the current billing period.
  • You can now access integration documentation directly from the Integrations page in the Neon Console. A Read button, available on several integration cards, opens a documentation side drawer where you can learn how to integrate the selected platform or service with Neon.
  • If you previously signed up for Neon using your Hasura account and now want to use your personal email instead, you can make this change under Profile → Account Settings → Personal Information. You must log out and back into the Neon console before doing so. For more information, see Change your email.
  • We added a new Restart compute endpoint method to the Neon API. This method suspends the specified compute endpoint and restarts it immediately. It's sometimes necessary to restart a compute endpoint to enable new features or apply new limits. This method makes that task easier and enables us to add a restart compute option to the Neon Console, which you'll see in an upcoming release.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented preview branches from being shown on the Neon Vercel Integration drawer in the Neon Console.
  • Added an alert to the Neon Vercel Integration for older Neon projects that do not store role passwords. Neon projects created after March 2023 store role passwords in a secure storage vault associated with the project, allowing passwords to be retrieved from the Connection Details widget and by features such as the Vercel integration that require a password. Projects created before March 2023 do not store role passwords.
  • Fixed an error message on the Create a new branch page for the Include data up to time selector. The date format in the error message was incorrect.

What's new in docs?

We have three new authentication guides for you to check out this week. Learn how to authenticate users to access your Neon database with Auth0, Clerk, or Okta.

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