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The latest product updates from Neon

IPv6 support coming soon

Neon will soon start accepting IPv6 connections at no extra charge. We will keep supporting IPv4 connections, also at no extra charge.

We'll progressively roll out IPv6 to all our supported regions throughout February. You shouldn’t experience any downtime or disturbances: if your host is IPv6 enabled and its client library prefers IPv6 by default, your new connections will start using it. No action is required from you.

If you have any questions, reach out to us in Discord.

Support for prepared statements with PgBouncer

The PgBouncer version used by Neon to offer pooled connection support was updated to version 1.22.0. This version of PgBouncer adds support for DEALLOCATE ALL and DISCARD ALL in transaction mode. In Neon, the new version of PgBouncer enables support for protocol-level prepared statements.

Support for protocol-level prepared statements with PgBouncer means you can now use prepared statements with pooled connections. Using prepared statements can help boost query performance while providing an added layer of protection against potential SQL injection attacks. To learn more, see Optimize queries with PgBouncer and prepared statements.

Fixes & improvements

  • For logical replication, CREATE PUBLICATION my_publication FOR ALL TABLES syntax is now supported in Neon. Previously, FOR ALL TABLES was not supported, and multiple tables could only be specified using CREATE PUBLICATION my_pub FOR TABLE <table1>, <table2> syntax.
  • The Branch selector in the Connection Details widget on the Neon Dashboard now has a Create new branch option.
  • The Quickstart banner that appears at the top of the Neon Dashboard for newly created projects now includes commands for creating and listing branches using the Neon CLI.
  • Added a Save changes button to the Vercel integration drawer on the Integrations page for Vercel environment variable changes. Previously, changes were saved implicitly without confirmation.
  • Corrected the globe coordinates for a supported region on the Project creation page in the Neon console.
  • Updated the documentation link on the Developer Settings page (accessed from your account Profile) to link to the Neon API documentation instead of the Neon documentation landing page.
  • Removed the requirement to specify a --project-id value when issuing a Neon CLI ip-allow command when there is only a single Neon project in your Neon account. The option is now only required if you have multiple Neon projects.

What's new in docs?

To help our users unlock the full potential of Postgres, we're building out our Postgres data type documentation. Whether you're a seasoned Postgres user or new to the platform, our new data type guides can help you get started.

Check out our new Deno Deploy guide to learn how to Connect a Neon Postgres database from your Deno application.

Explore our recently added Reset branch from parent documentation to discover how to update your working branch with the most recent updates from your main branch. For a more visual guide, see this video from Neon DevRel on X.

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