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The latest product updates from Neon

New default Postgres version

The default version for newly created Neon projects is now Postgres 16. Neon continues to support Postgres 14 and 15.

Configurable environment variables for Vercel Integration

  • The Neon Vercel Integration is now supported with applications sourced in GitLab and Bitbucket. Previously, the integration only worked with applications stored in GitHub.

  • The environment variables set by the Neon Vercel Integration when you add the integration to a Vercel project have changed. Previously, the integration set the following Postgres variables:

    • PGHOST
    • PGUSER

    The integration now sets only the DATABASE_URL variable by default, which includes all of the required details for connecting to your Neon database.

    If you prefer to use the other Postgres variables with your application instead of DATABASE_URL, you can now configure the variables you want on the Integrations page in the Neon console.

    Select Vercel variables

    The variables you select are set in your Vercel project on your next git push. For details, see Manage Vercel integration settings.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the DATABASE_URL variable from being set on the first preview deployment after adding the integration to a Vercel project.

Fixes & improvements

  • The List projects API method now returns only projects owned by the current user account. Previously, it also returned projects shared with the current user account. To list projects shared with the current user account, use the List shared projects API method instead.
  • Added a Submit feedback form to the cards on the Integrations page in the Neon Console, letting users share their experience with Neon integrations.
  • We now expose more details in error messages returned from the Neon proxy for Neon serverless driver connections over HTTP.
  • Improved the IP Allow user interface with minor design and copy adjustments.

What's new in docs?

To help our users unlock the full potential of Postgres, we're building out our Postgres extension documentation. Whether you're a seasoned Postgres user or new to the platform, our new extension guides can help you get started.

See our updated roadmap to learn about upcoming features and share your ideas:

Success stories

We are excited to announce the launch of our Success Stories page on the Neon website. This new page highlights real-world experiences and success stories from our valued partners and customers.

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