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The latest product updates from Neon

Control access to your data with IP Allow

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Neon's IP Allow feature, now available with the Neon Pro Plan, ensures that only trusted IP addresses can connect to the project where your database resides, preventing unauthorized access and helping maintain overall data security. You can limit access to individual IP addresses, IP ranges, or IP addresses and ranges defined with CIDR notation.

To get started, see Configure IP Allow.

Change Data Capture (CDC) with Logical Replication

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Neon is pleased to announce support for logical replication, which brings Change Data Capture (CDC) to serverless Postgres. You can now stream data from your Neon database to a variety of external destinations, including data warehouses, analytical database services, messaging platforms, event-streaming platforms, and external Postgres databases. Logical replication is available to all Neon users.

To get started, jump into one of our step-by-step logical replication guides:

Also, check out these blog posts from Neon and Materialize:

Postgres version update

Supported Postgres versions were updated to 14.10, 15.5, and 16.1, respectively.

Fixes & improvements

  • Added the REPLICATION privilege to the neon_superuser role. The REPLICATION privilege was introduced with the release of logical replication support in Neon. Only the default Postgres role created with your Neon project and roles created using the Neon Console, CLI, or API are granted membership in the neon_superuser role, which includes the REPLICATION privilege. Granting the REPLICATION privilege to roles created via SQL is currently not permitted.
  • Added support for browser-issued SQL-over-HTTP batch queries using the Neon serverless driver. Batch queries were failing because Neon-Batch-Isolation-Level and Neon-Batch-Read-Only headers were missing from the server's OPTIONS response.
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