Ship faster with database branching workflows: Add prod-like data to your preview and local dev environments.


The latest product updates from Neon

Branch reset

Neon is pleased to announce the latest branching feature to help improve your development workflows: branch reset.

With one click, you can now update your working branch to the latest available schema and data from its parent branch, avoiding labor-intensive and error-prone manual updates or branch restorations. This action is available from both the Neon Console and the Neon CLI. For details, see Reset branch from parent.

Set context for the Neon CLI

Using a new neonctl command, set-context, you can now set a background context for your CLI sessions, letting you perform project or branch-specific actions without having to specify the project or branch id in every command. See Neon CLI commands — set-context for more detail.

Support for timescaledb 2.13.0 for Postgres 16

The timescaledb extension, version 2.13.0, which enables scalable inserts and complex queries for time-series data, is now available on Postgres 16.

For a complete list of Postgres extensions supported by Neon, see Postgres extensions.

Fixes & improvements

  • UI: Fixed an unresponsive Read-only (RO) radio button option that appears on the Create Compute Endpoint modal.
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