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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: Added a branch object to the Create project endpoint that allows you to specify names for the primary branch, role, and database created with a project. Previously, specifying non-default names for these objects required additional API calls after creating a project.
  • API: Updated the List project consumption endpoint description to indicate that the pagination maximum is 1000.
  • Control Plane: Added an option to enable a foreground deletion policy for Kubernetes clusters, which blocks other operations until cascading resource deletions are finished. The foreground option reduces the amount of polling for operation completion.
  • Control Plane: Added the ability to search for branches in S3 storage, enabling identification of branches in storage that have already been deleted in the console.
  • Control Plane: Simplified SQL logging to reduce the amount of log write processing.

Free Tier updates

The compute active time limit of 100 hours per month for non-primary branches, introduced on February 24, 2023, now applies to all Neon Free Tier projects. The limit was not applied to projects created before February 24 2023 to give users time to adjust their usage or upgrade to a paid plan. For information about Free Tier limits, see Free Tier. If you have questions about this change or upgrading to a paid plan, please contact Sales.

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