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The latest product updates from Neon

Introducing Neon Paid Plans

In addition to the Free Tier, Neon now offers the following paid plans:

  • Pro: A usage-based plan, ideal for small-to-medium teams. With the Pro plan, you get up to 20 projects, unlimited branches, unlimited compute time, up to 200 GiB of storage, and access to paid plan features such as project sharing, autoscaling (coming soon), and configurable autosuspend compute (coming soon).
  • Enterprise: A volume-based plan for medium-to-large teams and database fleets. Includes all Pro plan features plus customized limits and potential for volume discounts.
  • Platform Partnership: A volume-based plan for large teams, database fleets, and resale. Includes all Enterprise plan features plus resale support.

You can learn more about Neon's paid plans and pricing on the Neon Pricing page.

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