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The latest product updates from Neon

Support for more regions

Added support for the US East (Ohio), Europe (Frankfurt), and Asia Pacific (Singapore) regions, allowing you to create Neon projects closer to your application servers. For more information about Neon's region support, see Regions.

Branching enhancements

Updated Neon's branching capabilities. The following enhancements were introduced:

  • Added a Branches page to the Neon Console for creating and managing branches.
  • Each project now has a root branch called main.
  • Branches now belong to a project. You can create a branch from your project's root branch (main) or from another branch in the project.
  • You can now define the data to include in a branch. You can include all data up to the current point in time or up to a past point in time.
  • Each branch is now created with a named endpoint, which is the compute instance associated with a branch. Connecting to a branch requires connecting to the branch's endpoint. You can obtain a connection string for a branch endpoint from the Connection Details widget on the Neon Dashboard.

For more information about Neon's branching capabilities, see Branching, and Manage branches.

Neon Branching capabilities are not yet publicly available. If you would like to try this feature, contact us at, describing your use case and requesting that Neon enable branching for your account.

Connection string changes

With the addition of support for new regions and updates to Neon's branching capabilities, changes were made to the hostname in Neon connection strings. Previously, a hostname had this format: <project_id> With the introduction of new regions, a <region_slug> and <platform> value were added to the hostname for projects created in newly supported regions. With the update to branching capabilities, <project_id> was replaced by <endpoint_id>. As a result of these changes:

  • Projects created in the original Neon region, US West (Oregon), have this hostname format: <endpoint_id>
  • Projects created in the newly supported regions, have this hostname format: <endpoint_id>.<region_slug>.<platform>

The old hostname format continues to be supported for projects created before these changes were introduced.

Postgres keyword highlighting

Added highlighting support for Postgres 15 SQL Keywords to Neon's SQL Editor. Keywords are highlighted when entered in the SQL Editor.

Fixes & improvements

  • Control Plane: Improved handling of OAuth consent challenges. A user is now directed to the destination URL to complete the login or consent request instead of receiving a 410 Gone error when resubmitting an OAuth consent challenge.
  • Control Plane: Fixed memory leaks that could occur for background operations started in a context that does not expire. An operation failure could have resulted in resources not being cleaned up.
  • UI: Added the ability to display the navigation bar at the top of the Neon Console as a side drawer menu on small screens.
  • UI: Fixed an issue in the SQL Editor that prevented errors from being reported when rerunning multi-statement queries.
  • UI: Updated the .pgpass configuration instructions provided after creating a project or resetting a password. The instructions did not include the required Postgres port number.
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