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Release notes

The latest product updates from Neon

Storage and Compute release


  • Compute: Added support for the PostgreSQL unit extension. For more information about PostgreSQL extensions supported by Neon, see PostgreSQL extensions.
  • Compute: Removed logic that updated roles each time a Neon compute instance was restarted. Roles were updated on each restart to address a password-related backward compatibility issue that is no longer relevant.
  • Pageserver: Reimplemented the layer map used to track the data layers in a branch. The layer map now uses an immutable binary search tree (BST) data structure, which improves data layer lookup performance over the previous R-tree implementation. The data required to reconstruct page versions is stored as data layers in Neon Pageservers.
  • Pageserver: Changed the garbage collection (gc) interval from 100 seconds to 60 minutes. This change reduces the frequency of layer map locks.
  • Pageserver: Implemented an asynchronous pipe for communication with the Write Ahead Log (WAL) redo process, which helps improves OLAP query performance.
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