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Import data

Import data from another Neon project

This section describes how to import a database from another Neon project using pg_dump and psql. Use these instructions to:

  • Import a database from a Neon project created in one region to a project created in another region.
  • Import a database from a Neon project created with PostgreSQL 14 to a Neon project created with PostgreSQL 15.


The Neon Free Tier has a limit of one project per user, which means a Free Tier user cannot have two projects simultaneously. To move you data to new Neon project while on the Free Tier, dump your database first, delete your existing Neon project, create a new Neon project with the desired region or PostgreSQL version, and import your data into the new project. For the dump and restore procedure, refer to pg_dump with pg_restore.

To import your data from another Neon project:

  1. Create a new project in the desired region or PostgreSQL version. See Create a project for instructions.

  2. Create a database with the desired name in your new Neon project. See Create a database for instructions.

  3. Retrieve the connection strings for the new and existing Neon databases.

    You can obtain the connection strings from the Neon Dashboard, under Connection Details. Your connection strings will look something like this:

  4. Prepare your import command. It will look similar to this one:

    pg_dump postgres://<user>:<password><dbname> | psql postgres://<user>:<password><dbname>
  5. Run the import command from your terminal or command window.

  6. If you no longer require the old project, you can remove it. See Delete a project for instructions.

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