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Use Prisma Migrate with Neon

Learn how to use Prisma Migrate with Neon

Prisma Migrate is a migration tool that allows you to evolve your database schema from prototyping to production. Prisma Migrate requires a shadow database to detect schema drift. This topic describes configuring a second Neon database as a shadow database.

This topic also describes how to configure Prisma Migrate when you need to connect to the same Neon database from Prisma Migrate, which requires a direct database connection, and serverless functions that require a pooled database connection.

For more information about shadow databases, refer to About the shadow database, in the Prisma documentation.

Configure a shadow database for Prisma Migrate

To configure a shadow database:

  1. Create another database in your Neon project and copy the connection string. Refer to Create a database for instructions. You can name the shadow database whatever you like.

    For information about obtaining a connection string, see Connect from any application.

  2. Add the shadowDatabaseUrl setting to your prisma/schema.prisma file to identify the shadow database URL:

    datasource db {
      provider = "postgresql"
      url   = env("DATABASE_URL")
      shadowDatabaseUrl = env("SHADOW_DATABASE_URL")
  3. Add a SHADOW_DATABASE_URL environment variable to your .env file and set it to the database connection string that you copied in the previous step. The following example uses a shadow database named shadow_db. Use the database name that you gave to your shadow database.


Prisma Migrate with PgBouncer

Prisma Migrate requires a direct connection to the database. It does not support connection pooling with PgBouncer. Attempting to run Prisma Migrate commands, such as prisma migrate dev, with a pooled connection causes the following error:

Error undefined: Database error
Error querying the database: db error: ERROR: prepared statement
"s0" already exists

To avoid this issue, ensure that you are using a direct connection to the database for Prisma Migrate. Neon supports both pooled and direct connections to the same database. See Enable connection pooling for more information.

You can configure Prisma Migrate to use a direct connection while allowing applications to use Prisma Client with a pooled connection by adding a directUrl property to the datasource block in your schema.prisma file. For example:

datasource db {
  provider  = "postgresql"
  url       = env("DATABASE_URL")
  shadowDatabaseUrl = env("SHADOW_DATABASE_URL")
  directUrl = env("DIRECT_URL")


The directUrl property is available in Prisma version 4.10.0 and higher.

After adding the directUrl property to your schema.prisma file, update the DATABASE_URL and DIRECT_URL variables settings in your your .env file:

  1. Set DATABASE_URL to the pooled connection string for your Neon database. Applications that require a pooled connection should use this connection.
  2. Set DIRECT_URL to the direct (non-pooled) connection string. This is the direct connection to the database required by Prisma Migrate.

Your SHADOW_DATABASE_URL variable can continue to use the same direct database connection string.

When you are finished updating your .env file, your variable settings should appear similar to the following:

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