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The latest product updates from Neon

Finer-grained history configuration

We've introduced finer-grained history retention settings for your Neon project. Neon retains a detailed history of changes for all branches, enabling features like point-in-time restore and time travel connections. However, this history also adds to storage usage. To give you greater control, you can now select from a broader range of preset retention periods down to the hour or set a custom value.

History retention settings

For more information about history retention and the features it supports, see Branch reset and restore.

Manage your billing info in the Neon Console

You can now update your billing information directly from the Billing page in the Neon Console. This includes details like your company name, billing address, and tax ID fields if applicable to your country or region. Previously, updating billing information required opening a support ticket.

Edit billing info page

Support for pgvector 0.7.2

Neon now supports pgvector version 0.7.2.

For the official list of updates, refer to the pgvector changelog.

If you installed this extension previously and want to upgrade to the latest version, please refer to Update an extension version for instructions.

Fixes & improvements

  • Each Neon project is initially created with a "root" branch. Previously, this branch was designated as "primary" by default. To simplify our terminology, we've renamed this designation from "primary" to "default." Where you previously saw primary in relation to branches in the Neon Console, you will now see default. In line with this change, we've added default attributes to the Neon API. These will eventually replace the deprecated primary attributes in response bodies for endpoints like Get branches and Get branch details. Additionally, we've introduced a new Set branch as default endpoint, which will replace the deprecated Set branch as primary endpoint. The deprecated attributes and endpoint will be removed in a future release.
  • Minimum autosuspend delay settings are now applied on a plan downgrade. Previously, the minimum allowable settings were not changed when downgrading from one Neon plan to another. For example, when downgrading from the Scale plan (with a minimum autosuspend delay of 1 minute) to the Launch plan, the minimum delay now automatically adjusts to 5 minutes, the default for the Launch plan.
  • For Free Tier users, the Usage widget on the Neon Project Dashboard has been renamed to Resources remaining. This widget now displays your remaining storage, compute time, and branch allowances for the current billing period, providing a quick overview of your available resources.
  • We fixed an issue in the Neon console where role names containing emoji characters were not displayed correctly. But maybe we shouldn't encourage this. 😅 Emoji roles
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