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The latest product updates from Neon

Custom Period Selector for the Monitoring Dashboard

You can now select a custom time period for viewing database metrics on the Monitoring page in the Neon Console. This feature gives you the flexibility of choosing exact start and end dates and times for your monitoring period, helping you with both short-term and long-term trend analysis. To try it out, go to the Monitoring page in the Neon Console and select Custom from the Other menu.

Monitoring dashboard custom date and time selector

Export query results to CSV, JSON, and XLSX in the Neon SQL Editor

The Neon SQL Editor now supports exporting query results to CSV, JSON, and XLSX formats. Additionally, you can expand your query results view to the entire SQL Editor window. You can access buttons for both features from the bottom right corner of the SQL Editor page.

SQL Editor export data and expand results to window buttons

Fixes & improvements

  • To make it even easier to try Neon, we've removed the First Name, Last Name, and Password confirmation fields from the Neon Sign Up page. If you're signing up for Neon with an email account, only an email address is required.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the current storage usage from being displayed when entering a new billing period, making it appear that storage usage was reset to zero.
  • Adjusted the location of the Quickstart in the Neon Console and other minor improvements.
  • Improved error information for HTTP fetch queries using the Neon serverless driver. For a log of the latest updates to Neon's serverless driver, you can also refer to the Neon serverless driver changelog.
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