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The latest product updates from Neon

Neon Vercel integration enhancements

We've introduced a few enhancements to help you manage preview branches created by the Neon Vercel integration:

  • There is now a drop-down menu on the Branches tab in the Vercel integration drawer where you can delete all preview branches or those marked as Obsolete. Obsolete branches are those without an associated git branch. For more information, see Manage branches created by the integration.
  • The integration now supports automatic deletion of obsolete preview branches. You can enable this feature by selecting Automatically delete obsolete Neon branches when installing the integration. We'll soon add an option to the Vercel integration drawer that lets you enable and disable automatic branch deletion for new and existing integrations. Deletion occurs when the git branch that triggered a branch's creation is deleted.
  • We now show a branch creation date for each preview branch listed on the Branches tab in the Vercel integration drawer.

Fixes & improvements

  • Corrected an issue that prevented Free Tier users from creating a new read-write compute for a primary branch after deleting the one created with their Neon project.
  • Updated the content displayed on the Projects page in the Neon Console when all projects are removed.
  • Adjusted copy and links on the connection details modal that's displayed after creating a new project.

What's new in docs?

We have new schema migration guides for you to check out this week:

We're also excited to share a new Postgres Documentation Page, a central hub for all things Postgres. This includes the latest topics listed below. As Neon is Postgres, we encourage you to consult both our Neon-specific guides and the official PostgreSQL documentation.

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