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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • The Neon CLI now supports get operations for branches with numeric names. Previously, only string values were supported.
  • Corrected the Neon CLI package name that appears in Quickstart banner on the Neon Dashboard. The package name shown in the Windows and Linux installation commands was incorrect.
  • The neon_superuser role is now able to execute the pg_stat_statements_reset() function that is part of the pg_stat_statements extension. This function discards statistics gathered so far by pg_stat_statements. Roles created in the Neon console, CLI, or API, including the default role created with each Neon project, are granted membership in the neon_superuser role. Previously, this function could only be run with a Postgres superuser role, which is restricted in Neon. To make this enhancement available, drop and recreate the pg_stat_statements extension. See Install an extension.
  • For logical replication, the PostgreSQL max_slot_wal_keep_size is now set to 1 GB, limiting the maximum size of WAL files that replication slots are allowed to retain in the pg_wal directory. This is a temporary limit that will be removed in a future release. The limit avoids an accumulation of WAL data at the publisher due to a lagging subscriber, which could cause a slow compute start.
  • Added a Vercel integration card to the Integrations page in the Neon Console.
  • Fixed the Cancel action in card drawers on the Integrations page in the Neon Console. When clicking Cancel, card drawers did not close.

To follow Neon storage and compute releases in GitHub, see Releases.

What's new in docs?

  • Check out our new guide that describes how to replicate data from Neon with Fivetran.
  • Want to better understand how Neon's project billing works? We've added a real-world example of a generative AI project with 80,000 daily active users that walks you through estimating a monthly bill. See Sample billing.
  • Find a typo in the Neon docs? Is there a section that's hard to understand? Notice that a certain topic is missing? The Neon docs are open-source, and contributions are welcome. See our Documentation Contribution Guide for details.

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