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Deploy a global cache with Neon's PolyScale integration

Polyscale integration card

We are pleased to announce the launch of Neon's PolyScale integration. PolyScale allows you to easily cache your data globally through its low-latency regional edge network. Enjoy benefits like speedy accces to your data from anywhere in the world, reduced load on your database, and improved slow query performance. A PolyScale global cache is also an alternative to cross-regional replication without the added complexity. No coding or infrastructure changes are required to use PolyScale. You can have it up and running in just a few minutes. Like Neon, PolyScale offers a free plan. No credit card is required.

To get started:

  1. Navigate to your project in the Neon Console.
  2. Select the Integrations page from the sidebar.
  3. Locate the PolyScale integration and click Add.

For detailed instructions, refer to our PolyScale integration guide.

Fixes & improvements

Implemented the following improvements to the Connection Details widget, which is accessed from your Neon project Dashboard:

  • Added tab support for providing multiple code snippet examples per language or framework
  • Added Connection string and Parameters only code snippets
  • Fixed the highlighting for the Java code snippet
  • Hid the reveal secrets icon for code snippets that do not include a password
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