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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • UI: Fixed an issue that appended a Neon user account's email domain (e.g., to the name of the default Postgres role created with a new project. This issue occured for users who signed up for Neon with an email account.
  • UI: Fixed an issue preventing older projects from storing passwords, resulting in the following error when attempting to reveal a masked password in the Connection Details widget: Request failed: storing passwords is not enabled for a project.
  • UI: Corrected a Java code snippet highlighting issue in the Connection Details widget.
  • UI: Corrected an SQL syntax highlighting issue in the Neon SQL Editor.
  • UI: Fixed an issue with the History retention slider on the Storage page, which is accessed from the Project settings page in the Neon Console. Specifying a 0 value would set the retention period to the 7-day default.
  • UI: Fixed an issue that left a Neon project visible from the dashboard after it was deleted from another instance of the Neon Console.
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