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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Compute: Neon has introduced a new pre-installed "neon" extension, which includes functions and views designed to gather Neon-specific metrics. The metrics are intended for use by the Neon team for the purpose of enhancing our service. The views are owned by a Neon system role (cloud_admin), but you are able to view them by connecting to the postgres database using psql and executing the command \dv neon.*, as shown below. At present, the extension includes two views for local file cache metrics. We may incorporate additional views in future releases.

    psql 'postgresql://'
    postgres=> \dv neon.*
                List of relations
    Schema |      Name      | Type |    Owner    
    neon   | local_cache    | view | cloud_admin
    neon   | neon_lfc_stats | view | cloud_admin
    (2 rows)
  • Compute: Creating a database with the neon_superuser role, altering a database to have owner neon_superuser, and altering the neon_superuser role itself are no longer permitted. The neon_superuser role is a NOLOGIN role used by Neon to grant prvileges to PostgreSQL roles created via the Neon Console, CLI, or API, and is not intended to be used directly or modified. For more information about this role, see The neon_superuser role.

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