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The latest product updates from Neon

Support for AWS Data Migration Service (DMS)

You can now migrate data to Neon using the AWS Data Migration Service (DMS). Previously, a connection limitation prevented defining Neon as a target database endpoint. For data migration instructions, please refer to Migrate with AWS Database Migration Service (DMS).

Fixes & improvements

Neon uses the compute endpoint domain name to route incoming client connections. For example, to connect to the compute endpoint ep-mute-recipe-239816, we ask that you connect to However, the Postgres wire protocol does not transfer the domain name, so Neon relies on the Server Name Indication (SNI) extension of the TLS protocol to do this. Unfortunately, not all Postgres clients support SNI. When these clients attempt to connect, they receive an error indicating that the "endpoint ID is not specified".

Neon supports connection workarounds for this limitation, one of which uses a special endpoint connection option that allows you to specify a compute endpoint ID in an application's password field. Instead of specifying only a password, you provide a string consisting of the endpoint option and your password, separated by a semicolon. For example:


However, some client applications do not permit semicolon characters (;) in a password field. For these clients, Neon now supports using a dollar sign character $ as the delimiter:


For more information about this connection workaround, refer to our connection errors documentation.

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