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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Control Plane: The Availability Checker now uses the smallest Neon compute size (.25 Compute Units) to verify that a project's computes can start and read and write data. This change allows the Availability Checker to use pre-started computes more often, which shortens availability check operation time and reduces the impact of availability checks on infrastructure and compute costs.
  • UI: Improved the Pro Plan Cost Estimator for Neon Free Tier users. To ensure accuracy, the tool now displays cost estimates only after a month of project usage. This change prevents the display of inaccurate cost estimates for new accounts. Neon Free Tier users can access the Pro Plan Cost Estimator by visiting the Billing page in the Neon Console.
  • UI: Implemented a new and improved design for the Neon Sign-in page. New sign in page design
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