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The latest product updates from Neon

Autoscaling now available in all regions

Neon's Autoscaling feature, which automatically scales compute resources in response to workload, is now available in the US East (N. Virginia) — aws-us-east-1 and US West (Oregon) — aws-us-west-2 regions. With this change, autoscaling is now available in all regions that Neon supports. Autoscaling is a Neon Pro plan feature. To learn how to enable autoscaling in your Neon project, refer to Enabling autoscaling in Neon.

Monitor autoscaling with the neon_utils extension

Added support for a neon_utils extension, which provides a num_cpus() function for monitoring how Neon's Autoscaling feature allocates compute resources in response to workload. For more information, see The neon_utils extension.

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