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Same-region replicas

Neon now supports same-region read replicas. Neon's read replicas are independent read-only compute instances designed to perform read operations on the same data as your read-write computes. You can instantly create one or more read replicas for any branch in your Neon project and configure the amount of vCP-U and memory allocated to each. Read-only compute instances

Potential uses for read replicas include:

  • Increasing throughput: Distribute read requests among multiple read replicas to achieve higher throughput for both read-write and read-only workloads.
  • Offloading read-only workloads: Assign reporting or analytical workloads to a read replica to prevent impacting the performance of read-write application workloads.
  • Managing data access: Provide read-only data access to certain users or applications that do not need write access.
  • Customizing resource usage: Configure different CPU and memory resources for each read replica to cater to the specific needs of different users and applications.

To learn more, refer to our read replica blog post or read the documentation: Read replicas.

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