In Neon, you can provision Postgres databases in < 1s. Don't believe us? Check out this demo


The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • UI: Added keyboard support (Tab + Enter) for switching between Explain and Analyze tabs in the SQL Editor.
  • UI: Fixed calculations in the Pro Plan Cost Estimation tool accessible from the Billing page on the Neon Free Tier. The issue resulted in incorrect cost estimates.
  • UI: Fixed an issue in the SQL Editor that caused a page reload when switching between Explain and Analyze tabs.

Faster Postgres queries for Vercel Edge Functions

The Neon serverless driver now supports for SQL queries over HTTP, providing up to a 40% reduction in query latencies from Vercel Serverless Functions and Edge Functions for one-shot queries. The enhanced driver brings same-region query response times down to single-digit milliseconds.

Additionally, we worked with the team at Drizzle to add Neon serverless driver support for Drizzle-ORM, an ORM for TypeScript. For an example demonstrating how to use the driver with Drizzle-ORM for type safety, see How to use the driver.

Refer to the blog post to learn more: Sub-10ms Postgres queries for Vercel Edge Functions.

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