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The latest product updates from Neon

Pro Plan Cost Estimation tool enhancements

Typical use cases and Custom tabs were added to the Pro Plan Cost Estimation tool that is accessible from the Billing page on the Neon Free Tier. This tool helps you estimate what your monthly cost would be if you upgraded to the Neon Pro plan.

  • The Typical uses case tab provides cost estimates for predefined Prototype, Launch, and Scale use cases.
  • The Custom tab allows you to estimate costs based on compute and storage usage values that you provide. Pro plan cost estimation tool

Fixes & improvements

  • API: Added a suspend_timeout_seconds parameter to the default_endpoint_settings object in the Create project API. This parameter defines the amount of time before the project's default compute endpoint is suspended due to inactivity. The default is 300 seconds (5 minutes).
  • API: Deprecated the autoscaling_limit_min_cu and autoscaling_limit_min_cu parameters in the Create project project object. You can configure these parameters in the default_endpoint_settings object instead when creating a project.
  • Control Plane: The default password encryption method for roles in Neon was changed to scram-sha-256.
  • Control Plane: Upgraded PGBouncer to a Bitnami version that does not wait for the Postgres instance to become accessible before starting PgBouncer. Additionally, to optimize compute startup times, the server_login_retry setting in PgBouncer's configuration was adjusted to remove any delay between Postgres connection retries.
  • Control Plane: Autoscaling minimum and maximum values are now validated to ensure only valid values are permitted.
  • UI: Invoices from past months did not appear on the Billing page for Neon Pro plan accounts.
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