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The latest product updates from Neon

Documentation updates

  • Added a Billing page describing Neon paid plans, pricing, and related topics.

  • Added instructions for using the Neon Serverless driver on Vercel Edge Functions and Cloudflare Workers. The driver is a drop-in replacement for node-postgres that allows you to query data from environments that support WebSockets but not TCP sockets.

  • Added an SDK reference page, which provides links to community-created SDKs for interacting with the Neon API. Community-created SDKs include:

    Thanks to Dmitry Kisler and Ganesh Prasannah for the contributions.

  • Updated the Neon Docs landing page. The new landing page provides a visual interface for navigating the Neon documentation site.

  • Added an RSS feed for the Neon Changelog.

  • Redirected old Neon API reference links to the new Neon API reference.

  • Updated various Neon API reference style elements to align styles with the Neon Docs site.

  • Updated the query example in the Neon Console onboarding banner and in the Query with Neon's SQL Editor topic in the documentation. The CREATE TABLE statement did not include a primary key, which prevented the data from being edited when accessed from pgAdmin.

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