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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Autoscaling: Added support for scaling Neon's local file cache size when scaling a virtual machine.

  • Compute: Released a new pg_tiktoken Postgres extension, created by the Neon engineering team. The extension is a wrapper for OpenAI’s tokenizer. It provides fast and efficient tokenization of data stored in a Postgres database. The extension supports two functions:

    • The tiktoken_encode function takes text input and returns tokenized output, making it easier to analyze and process text data.
    • The tiktoken_count function returns the number of tokens in a text, which is useful for checking text length limits, such as those imposed by OpenAI’s language models.

    The pg_tiktoken code is available on GitHub.

  • Compute: Added support for the Postgres prefix, hll and plpgsql_check extensions. For more information about Postgres extensions supported by Neon, see Postgres extensions.

  • Compute, Pageserver, Safekeeper: Added support for RS384 and RS512 JWT tokens, used to securely transmit information as JSON objects.

  • Pageserver: Removed the block cursor cache, which provided little performance benefit and would hold page references that caused deadlocks.

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