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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Pageserver: Added logic to handle unexpected Write-Ahead Log (WAL) redo process failures, which could cause a Broken pipe error on the Pageserver. In case of a failure, the WAL redo process is now restarted, and requests to apply redo records are retried automatically.
  • Pageserver: Added timeout logic for the copy operation that occurs when downloading a data layer. The timeout logic prevents a deadlock state if a data layer download is blocked.
  • Safekeeper: Addressed Failed to open WAL file warnings that appeared in the Safekeeper log files. The warnings were due to an outdated truncate_lsn value on the Safekeeper, which caused the walproposer (the Postgres compute node) to download WAL records starting from a Log Sequence Number (LSN) that was older than the backup_lsn. This resulted in unnecessary WAL record downloads from cold storage.
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