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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: A new cpu_used_sec property was added to the Project response body in the Neon API. This property shows the number of CPU seconds used by a branch's compute endpoints. The value resets to zero at the beginning of each billing period.
  • Control Plane: By default, Neon suspends a compute endpoint after five minutes of inactivity. A custom configuration option was added to enable configuring or disabling the suspension threshold for compute endpoints. Disabling the threshold allows a compute endpoint to remain active indefinitely, which avoids latencies associated with restarting idle compute endpoints. This feature is not yet generally available. You can expect it to be introduced with Neon paid tiers.
  • UI: New Neon projects now store role passwords in a secure storage vault associated with the project, allowing passwords to be retrieved from the Connection Details widget on the Neon Dashboard. Secure password storage reduces the need for password resets and facilitates the use of Neon features that require a password. The stored passwords feature is not yet available for existing Neon projects.
  • UI: New Neon projects no longer include the system-managed web_access role. This role was used by the Neon SQL Editor and passwordless auth feature. With the introduction of stored passwords, the web_access role is no longer required. Removal of the web_access role also addresses permission issues encountered when attempting to perform actions as the web_access role on objects owned by other roles or vice versa.
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