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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: The connection_uris property in the Create branch response is no longer a required property, meaning that the field is not included in the response if the value is empty. The connection_uris property is now returned only in cases where a branch has only a single database and role.

  • API: Added property descriptions for Project, Branch, Endpoint, Database, Role, and Operation endpoints.

  • Control Plane: A compute endpoint now remains in an active state after resetting a password, creating a role, or creating a database. Previously, a compute endpoint was suspended following those actions. This behavior caused unnecessary latency when accessing the compute endpoint immediately afterward. The latency was due to the few seconds required to restart the compute endpoint.

  • Integrations: Improved text and fixed a documentation link in the Neon Vercel Integration UI.

  • UI: The Neon Free Tier now includes a compute endpoint with each branch. Previously, there was a limit of 3 endpoints per project. This limit was removed based on user feedback indicating that it was not conducive to developer workflows that create a branch for each preview deployment.

    Instead of limiting the number of endpoint computes in the Neon Free Tier, there is now a limit of 100 compute active time hours per month. Currently, the compute hour limit applies to newly created projects only. The limit does not yet apply to existing projects. We expect to apply the limit to all projects later this quarter. Regardless of the compute hour limit, you are always able to connect to the compute endpoint associated with the primary branch of your Neon project. For more information, see Free Tier.

    If you have any questions about how this change to Neon's Free Tier limits might impact your existing project, please reach out to us on our Discord Server.

  • UI: With the removal of the endpoint limit, endpoints no longer appear in the Project limits widget on the Neon Dashboard.

  • UI: With the introduction of pooled connections strings (see Enable pooling), enabling pooling for a compute endpoint is deprecated. With this change, the Pooler enabled toggle on the Edit Compute Endpoint dialog is now disabled and will be removed in a future release.

  • UI: Changed a column heading in the table on the Operations page from ID to Action. The items listed in the column are operation actions rather than IDs.

  • UI: Renamed the Users page in the Neon Console to Roles. This change aligns Neon's terminology with Postgres, which uses the concept of "roles" to refer to database users. (See Database roles, in the PostgreSQL documentation.) All UI elements in the Neon Console were updated to reflect this change.

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